The Troop usually has a campout a month with three in the fall semester and four in the spring semester, usually at locations close to Dallas so that scouts can participate even if they have other non-scout activities planned for a weekend. Some of the typical campouts during the year include canoeing on the Illinois River in Oklahoma, a climbing and rappelling campout, a capture-the-flag campout in January,and fishing campouts at various properties around Dallas Fort Worth. In addition, an annual 50-mile hike takes place over spring break.

Summer Camp

The Troop attends a week of summer camp at Camp Constantin, Jack D. Furst Aquatics Base on Possum Kingdom Lake, the second or third week in June.

  • 2015 Summer Camp Checklist (PDF)

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High-Adventure Treks

Speaking of high-adventure treks. Each year older scouts participate in high-adventure treks across the country and around the world. Traditionally, there is usually a winter trek during the holidays to Utah, a Grand Canyon backpacking trip over Spring Break and Summer Treks that have visited Philmont, the Northern Tier Canoe Base and many of the national parks in the lower 48 and Alaska. High-adventure treks in 2004 included a backpacking trip through Yosemite National Park and a canoe trip along the Lewis & Clark route on the Missouri river in Montana.