To Send an All Troop Email

Troop emails may be sent through Constant Contact, a 3rd party service provider. You will need to request access through the Troop Committee.

Constant Contact may be accessed by clicking this link.

The Constant Contact email list is independent from the Troopmaster database. Please email the webmaster to request changes.

Troop E-blast, Full Instructions: PDF, Word

Quick Constant Contact instructions:

  1. Click “Create an Email”.
  2. Enter a new name that makes sense.
  3. Click Next. A list of templates will display.
  4. Select a template, for example “Business Letters”.
  5. Choose from additional options for the selected template.
  6. Click Next. Email Message Settings screen displays.
  7. Enter email information. Note: The email address of the webmaster is the default so please select your own address. If you have not sent an email previously your address won’t be on the list of approved senders.
  8. Click Next. Edit Email screen displays
  9. Edit the email as needed.
  10. Click Save and Continue. Emails: List Selection screen displays.
  11. Select the lists you wish to send to.
  12. Click Next. Emails: Delivery Date screen displays.
  13. Select status.
  14. Click Finish.


  • Constant Contact does not allow attachments on emails to prevent viruses from being transmitted. If you need to send an attachment, transmit it to the webmaster for upload to the Troop 890 website. The webmaster will give you a url link that you can put in your email.
  • Do not copy a Microsoft Word or other formatted document into the email. All paragraph and tab settings will be lost.
  • If you want to set up an email list for a small group, e.g., Trek or first year group, email the webmaster to learn how to create a special interest group.