Hiking Merit Badge

Scouts in Troop 890 traditionally work on the Hiking Merit Badge outside of troop meetings starting in December of their second year (after completing the first year program). The merit badge kicks off with a Christmas Light hike in Highland Park that starts at the Knox/Henderson Chili’s, goes to the Starbucks in Highland Park Village, and returns. This is a fun hike and families are encouraged to come along. In January and February there will be a 10-mile hike each weekend (see schedule). Then, during Spring Break in March, we will go on the “50-Miler” hiking campout in the Ouachita Mountains
in Oklahoma. This campout is not required for the merit badge but Troop 890 does require attendance if going to Philmont that summer. Besides, the 50-Miler campout rocks and is totally awesome! Adult (parent) participation is essential for this campout. The merit badge will culminate in a 20-mile hike at Lake Lavon in April.

2016 Troop 890 Hiking Merit Badge Packet (PDF) from Assistant Scoutmaster, Stephen Hotz. Contains all instructions needed to participate in the Spring 2016 merit badge program.