Troop 890 engages in several fundraising programs throughout the year to give Scouts the opportunities to not only learn business and sales skills but also to help the Scout pay for his own Scout dues and activities such as campouts, summer camp and high adventure treks like Philmont.


Poptober-Annual_Popcorn_SaleOur first program is Popcorn sales through the poptober annual popcorn sale event. This event starts at the beginning of the school year and all sales are due by the 3rd week in October. Scouts can earn prizes for sales awards.

Fertilizer & Trash Bags

890-web-ad-b_no_click_hereThis is Troop 890’s premiere fundraising activity. By selling high quality 50 lb bags of fertilizer and organic fertilizers well as lawn and kitchen trash bags, Troop 890 has developed a loyal and generous customer base which look forward to this sale each year. The troop even provides customer lists for the Scouts to contact to help them make sales. Scouts are encouraged to sell as much as possible so they can pay for their dues, campouts and trips to the high adventure camps. Sales start at about the beginning of December and end at the beginning of February. Then towards the end of February, in a massive one day extremely well organized event all the Scouts, Parents and Leaders come together to deliver everything. It’s not only a lot of fun, its very rewarding knowing you are part of the final piece in actively helping Troop 890 and the boys. Click here to place your order.

Scout Cards

Scout Cards are a discount card to all kinds of restaurants and services that can be used throughout the year the card is active. The discounts more than make up the cost of the card and give Scouts an additional opportunity to raise money and hone their sales skills.